10 Signs You're Struggling With a Jiu Jitsu Snow Day

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As winter weather takes over, some schools are obviously shut down and practitioners everywhere are struggling to cope! Here are 10 signs you may be one of those on the struggle bus.

1. You put on your day off robe and attempt to tie the belt in a BJJ knot.

2. You encourage your animals to participate in BJJ sparring sessions which you dramatically narrate

3. Cuddling with your significant other turns into "Hmm...how easily can I get my hooks in and work back attacks?"

4. You're desperately refreshing your Jiu Jitsu schools social media page in case they've decided to miraculously open.

5. You are deviously planning snow day garage and living room style sessions to anyone from your academy who will join you and you are now massively regretting not ordering those mats that BJJHQ had on sale last week.

6. The smallest argument with your partner turns into an all out BJJ battle A La Mr & Mrs. Smith

7. You had no idea you could actually be so bored without training.

8. You watch BJJ training videos which only makes you more sad and reminds you that you are not training.

9. You imagine the worst and visualize yourself getting destroyed the next time you step on the mat, because even one day off will obviously lead to a diminished skill set.

10. You've started googling housing prices in warmer destinations that will not interfere with your training schedule. Perhaps Hawaii or California, then you'd never miss class, right?


You Know You're Obsessed with Jiu Jitsu When...

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1. You get more excited about Gi shopping than shopping for clothes or shoes

2. You name your pets after BJJ Icons, here I have Kimura and Helio

3. You have to be the first to get the underhook while giving a friend a hug

4. Spooning turns into taking or defending the back.

5. You spend more time watching BJJ videos than watching television

6. All of your non- BJJ friends are annoyed with you because they are honestly sick of hearing about your training.

7.When you extend your hand for a handshake you accidentally go thumbless
8. You pay special attention to the fight scenes in films and look for proper execution of moves and throws

9. You find yourself using random Portuguese phrases

10. Your R's are becoming H's "Hespect" and "Honda Housey"

11. You attempt to teach moves to every small child you know

12. You have shrimped out of bed in the morning

13. Every form of agreement in life is signified with "Oss."

14. When you're watching UFC, you're the only person in the room who doesn't yell "stand 'em up" the second the fighters go to the ground.

Are you obsessed? What else would you add?


Jiu Jitsu Gif: The Struggle Will Never NOT Be Real Edition

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How you feel inside after submitting someone who's  being an asshole

But how you look on the outside 

 When your technique defeats someone who uses all strength

When someone says they want to "roll light"

Me (on the outside) when somebody insults guard pullers 
On the inside....

How I look while trying to learn the new warm ups....

When  the upper belts decide to humble a mat bully

When I retain my guard while someone is trying to smash pass

Everyone in the academy when it's time to clean the mats

When I'm exhausted after a roll but then I get a second wind


BJJ Women Crush Wednesday: Beatriz Mesquita

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Nickname: Bia 
Team: Gracie Huimata 
Lineage : Mitsuto Maeda-> Carlos Gracie-> Helio Grace-> Royler Gracie-> Vini Aieta -> Leticia Ribeiro
Belt Level: Black Belt
Signature Position: Guard
Weight Division: 64kg-141lbs

Why I love her: Beatriz is pure athleticism and she has the guard I aspire to have, complemented by insane core strength. She's calm, calculated and focused and combines many of the best aspects of my favorite competitors both male and female. She is eagle eyed and keeps her focus on a single objective, her opponent focuses on defending that objective and she opens them up to be finished in a million different ways, all of which she appears to be expert in.

Best Asset: Her scramble game! I have no way of knowing what her guard retention rate is...but I can tell you it is pretty damn good because of her efficiency in the scramble that allows her to seamlessly transition from open guard, defend and end up with the opponent right back in her guard.

Check out "Bia" featured below with the rest of the Gracie Humaita Ladies, discussing women in the sport.