Women Determined to Rise: Why It's Amazing Training With Other Women

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With my amazing training partner, Melissa Lozano, celebrating each other's win at Pan Ams

Too often we hear and believe the notion that women can only exist in competition together. We perpetuate the idea that we're too "catty," "too insecure," or "too emotional" to truly have meaningful relationships with other women. Fortunately, Jiu Jitsu has shown me and the many women who train, otherwise. I have met a community of brilliant, empowered, strong women and they are some of my favorite training partners. There are so many benefits to training with other ladies.

1. A chance to test youself before a competition. I love my male training partners and they are amazing, but training with another woman is hard to mimic. It is so different rolling with women and I also feel so prepared for tournments when I get to train with ladies with different styles. This is one of the many reasons I am grateful for the organization Girls in Gis, which allows those who may not have the opportunity to cross train, to train with other women in a positive environment.

2. Really genuine friendships. There is something to be said for literally spending minutes trying to choke your partner, only to be hugging moments later. It's sometimes really difficult to make friends as an adult. There is a bond built between Jiu Jitsu ladies that is like none other. Especially when it comes to encouraging and helping each other out- whether that be assisting them with all of their crazy methods to make weight, or being right there screaming your lungs out for every competition.

3. Redefining female relationships. We have an amazingly unique opportunity to coach new women through the toughest parts of their Jiu Jitsu career. Having an upper belt lady early on to encourage you, show you the ropes and walk you through the plateaus and frustrations is invalable. Having great female role models definitely strengthens your gyms retention rate, but also grows the sport.

4.  A different perspective. Although, I have always had phenomenal male black belts, there is something to be said for the detail other women see. Occasionally positions need modifications and it's amazing to have someone else who can say "That's not working. Try it this way. It always works for me." Training with women of all levels, especially those higher than you, can provide so much insight on little technical aspects that we occasionally miss when rolling with a much larger, stronger man.

5. The endless recognition and positivity! I've never met a better support system than another woman determined to rise! There are few things in life that compare to having a tribe of women in your corner. I am so grateful for the positive vibes and celebrations of our victories!

Where would we be without our phenomenal female training partners?

Shout Outs To:
"My drill buddy, Anne Avery Koellner. We’re working on starting a women’s program at our school and she’s helped so much getting it off the ground. She also comes and helps me with my “homework” from my private lessons so I can get extra drill time in during the week. Her encouragement and the effort she puts in has helped me push harder than I ever have before."- Emily Norris
Emily & Anne

"Mo Black. Her ability to want what’s best for me and want what’s best for her without those objectives conflicting is an example of aggression and compassion combined. We see into each other’s game and try to find the best thing possible to push that game to the highest level. "-Ali Vallaro
Ali & Mo

"Mely Benitez. We push each other to get better. We kick each other's asses and still let each other learn" -Amber Bruning
Amber & Mely

"Kylie Mcgregor Vella is my amazing training partner and badass inspiration! She pushes through every niggling injury, trains with permanently sore hands, rolls with passion and integrity, teaches me something every single class (most recently that I am still not very good and defending her chokes but I have a reasonably excellent lung capacity). She’s an amazing wife, daughter and mother to her family as well as being an incredible friend."- Ya'el Noonan

Kyle & Ya'el

"Carrie is a dear friend and favorite training partner. She is always there for me on and off mats. Love her to the moon and back." -Carla Sosa

Carla, you are the best partner a girl could ask for. A true badass on and off the mat. You make me laugh, listen when I need it, and keep pushing me to be better. I will always unconditionally be your friend- Carrie Duckworth
Carrie & Carla

"My bjjbestie Vanessa Sexton-Martin has been there encouraging me and helping me overcome any obstacles I face including learning movements and workouts I could do to help heal my body... she's amazing and has become my family. I love her family too and sharing JiuJitsu with her kids is my auntie joy."-Ashley Dewitt
Ashley & Vanessa

"My best friend both on and off the mats, and the person I started training with. Jennja Guts"- Katie Eagen

Katie & Jennja
"Tiffany Butler. We always push each other to be better"- Mona Bailey
Mona & Tiffany
All of the amazing ladies I've trained with past and present in Korea, Virginia and Texas! I am grateful for your passion, ability and friendship!- Maggie Moo
Ladies of Yorktown, VA
Training with the Yongsan BJJ ladies in Guam
Team Tooke- Houston
Girls in Gis- Team Tooke Cypress
Goddesses of Grappling Open Mat, Virginia

Team Tooke- Houston

Body & Seoul, South Korea


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