Ode to the Women of Jiu Jitsu

1:11 AM Moo 6 Comments

Here's to the girls who train even when they're the only female on the mat
and those who embrace other women without question when they are not.
Here's to the women who refuse to fall into the "female cattiness trap"
or the "women don't get along" narrative.
Here's the women who let go of their ego and embrace the sisterhood, but still battle fiercely.
To the women who will roll with anyone, at any time and any place.
Here's to the women who come straight from work, jump out of heels and makeup and into a gi.
Or those who roll with a full face, setting spray and eyebrows on point.
To the women who tie their hair up onto their heads in a tight warrior knot
or those who constantly adjust it while they train.
Here's to the women who stuff themselves into spats and rashguards
refusing to let insecurities stop them from the grind.
Here's to the girls who pour every ounce of themselves into their training-
and proudly earn their rank with no excuse or exceptions.
Here's to the Jiu-Jitsu mamas, raising tiny mat terrors in gis
and to those who train when they can and those who never miss a class.
From the gentle giants and the little mercenaries-
To the A0 ladies and the A6 curvies.
Here's to the women who call into work to make those out of town competitions
and the women who budget tournaments in with groceries and graduate school.
Here's to the women who continue to defy stereotypes,
who put up so much resistance that new divisions and weight classes were created.
Here's to the women who demand equality and call for a seat at the table,
but make their own space without apology.
Here's to the women of Jiu-Jitsu.
May we know them, may we raise them, may we be them!


  1. Great post. From a three stripe white belt, RN who sleeps furing the day after night shifts and peels herself out of bed to train- Thank you!!!!

  2. Yes to all this. I am one proud Jiu jitsu mama.

  3. Best thing I've read in a while. Here's to all the Warrior Princesses out there!

  4. Great post. 6 months in and my whole life looks different, now!❤