Elite Sports Gym Bag Review

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This is a versatile bag. It can easily convert from a duffel back to a backpack with simple detachable straps and internal extenders to adjust size.

Dimensions. 24' wide x 11.5 wide x 10 high.The bag is spacious enough to carry multiple gis, work out equipment, striking gear, a change of clothes, toiletries, shoes etc.

Options & Material: This bag comes in two sizes- Medium & Large. I personally prefer the large. While the medium is more compact, the large doesn't feel too bulky and can even adapt to fit carry on size. The material is a heavy duty cordura and denier polyester.

Features: The bag features a wet pocket, air vent for sweaty gear, multiple internal pockets, mouth guard compartment and heavy duty adjustable straps.

Pros: The bag is spacious and definitely can fit gear for all of the classes you might take in a day/evening.

Cons: The straps (while comfortable)  aren't as well made as they could be. The edges fray relatively easily, but it hasn't impacted the overall structure of the bag and is still simple to carry.

Overall, I like this bag. I have used it regularly for months, for both tournaments and weekend trips.Want to purchase? You can buy the elite duffel bag here.


EBI 12: The Female Flyweights

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To say I was excited about this EBI would be an understatement. There is so much female talent out there and I knew it would be an extremely technical display of skill by women from all over the world.My favorite first round fights:

Talita Alencar Vs. Ffion Davies- Alencar via RNC

This was a fantastic opener for the night. Alencar was the number one seed, in the tournament and unsurprisingly pulled out a win in technical dramatic fashion. Alencar is a force to be reckoned with and blew through her weight class tournament, after tournament this year! That being said, I was extremely impressed with the heart and skill of Welsh flyweight Ffion Davies. Her style is aggressive and unrelenting and she is definitely going to be a phenomenal black belt.

Crystal Demopoulous vs Rachael Cummings- Cummins Via Dead Orchard

First of all, both of these women are absolute physical specimens. Crystal took the match on late notice and put up a tough fight against MMA fighter Rachael Cummins. This was an extremely athletic, highly skilled match and an excellent show by Rachael Cummins who ended the bout with a very impressive Dead Orchard.

Pati Fontes vs. Katherine Shen- Shen Via Armbar

This is one of matches I was most looking forward to as I've heard a lot about 10th planet phenom Katherine Shen and the absolute legend Pati Fontes. From the beginning, this was a fascinating match up.  Fontes held position and played a great pressure game the first half of the match with Katherine making an epic comeback and submitting Pati Fontes in overtime. Shen has generated a lot of talk leading up to this match and proved she's worth the hype!

Lila Smadja vs Olympia Watts- Smadja Via Guillotine
One of the fastest submissions of the night, Lila Smadja defeated Olympia Watts in 23 seconds via guillotine choke. Lila is fast paced, opportunistic and has a strategy from every position. She was one of my favorites to watch over the course of the evening with her meticulous game and quick finishes.

Round 1
Talita Alencar Vs Ffion Davies- Alencar via RNC
Rachael Cummins vs Crystal Demopoulos- Cummings via Dead Orchard
Gabi McComb vs Kayla Patterson- McComb via RNC in overtime
Gabby Romero vs. Kristina Barlaan- Romero via RNC in overtime
Katherine Shen vs Pati Fontes- Shen via Armbar in overtime
Erin Blanchfield vs Livia Gluchowska- Blanchfield via RNC in overtime
Lila Smadja vs Olympa Watts- Smadja via Guillotine Choke
Nikki Sullivan vs Fiona Watson- Sullivan via Scissor choke
Quarter Finals
Talita Alencar vs. Rachel Cummins- Alencar Via Armbar with seconds to go
Gabbi McComb vs. Gabby Romero- McComb via Armbar
Erin Blanchfield vs. Katherine Shen- Blanchfield via Kumura
Lila Smadja bs Nikki Sullivan- Smadja via Heelhook

Semi Finals
Erin Blanchard Vs. Lila Smadja- Blanchfield via Armbar
Gabi McComb vs Talita Alencar- McComb via fastest escape time

The Final Match

McComb (19) and Blanchfield (18) was an amazing match up. McComb is the student of legendary Leticia Ribeiro and plays a solid, unrelenting game. Blanchfield, herself, attacks from every angle and is consistently going for submissions. This was a hard fought victory for Blanchfield who won in overtime with the fastest submission escape.

Combat Jiu Jitsu:

Semi Finals
Llima Lei McFarlane vs Brooke May- McFarlane via fastest sub in overtime
Celine Haga vs. Amy Montenegro- Haga via fastest sub in overtime

Llima Lei MacFarlane vs Celine Haga- MacFarlane via Kimura

Overall: I must admit, I was skeptical about the combat jiu jitsu but I seriously loved it! EBI 12 was definitely one of the best tournaments I've seen in a long time! I love women's matches because I find we are always going for the kill and as promised, this tournament did not disappoint. I am so thankful Eddie Bravo put this together, next time I'd love to see some lady heavy weights!


BJJ: The Struggle is Real in Gif Form- July 11th Edition

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When I showed up late to the leg lock trend......

When the new guy is laying on the mat while we're getting ready to bow out...

Me, when I finally pull off the move of the day in class....

When my boyfriend tells me to stop facebook stalking a new girl I met at a tournament..

When someone tells me I need to a submission other than the one I'm currently obsessing over...

When you show up to a tournament without a corner....

When you're confident in your leg lock game......

When someone who rolls like a crazy person tells you you're "going too hard on them..."

When you want to warm up roll and your partner actually flows....

When my partner (who also wasn't paying attention) asks what the next step of a move is.....


June Edition: The Jiu Jitsu Struggle is Real

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When someone starts telling me I need to try some new healthy thing they are eating...

When I tell someone to go for a submission during a match and they lose the position....

My boyfriend when he sees me making a mistake I used to make as a white belt

When someone is trying to wrist lock me by grabbing my fingers....

When my partner uses up the whole drilling time......

When the professor is reviewing a sequence and asks me "what comes next.....?"

When people are cheering in Portuguese and I want to join in so I just make stuff up...

When someone doesn't wear flip flops into the bathroom......

When someone asks me how making weight is going....

Waiting for my division to start after I've been in the bullpen for ages....