Team Texas: Jordan Burton, III

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Name:  Jordan Burton, III "JB3"

Rank:   Black Belt

Hometown: (North) Beaumont, Texas.

Association: Soul Fighters Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Where you train: & @greaterthanperformancerehab (IG)

How long have you been training?  13 years

Favorite Gi?  Gameness Pearl Gi.

What’s in your gym bag?  Deodorant, Bottled Water & Propel Packs, Massage Ball, Big Towel, Gi and Belt or Nogi Gear, a Snack

Favorite submission?  Collar strangles from.the back/side and the Botinha.

Favorite thing about the Jiu Jitsu community in Texas?  I like most our depth at Black across the entire state. We have some of the best professors in the world here.  For seminars and great training, you don't have to leave Texas!

What’s one thing you would change about the Texas Jiu Jitsu community?  I love us. So instead of change, this is what I'd add - particularly for the DFW scene.  I would for 12-24 of like-minded, competitive, DFW Black Belts get together a competition training session every now and then at an agreed location.  We got to see it at "DFW versus The World!"

What is your greatest accomplishment?  The greatest thing that has happened to me is my maturation through BJJ.  I found BJJ when I was 21 years old and I have grown with and through this martial art.  My core principles remain the same, but I have become a better person because of consistent training and competing.

What has been your biggest struggle in Jiu Jitsu?  Struggle: it can be defined as a concerted effort under distress.  My greatest struggle is quieting my mind before competition. Each year, I get better with having the ideal mindset for having a self-satisfying or outstanding performance.

If you could give any advice to your white belt self, what would it be?  Hmmm ... I was a good white belt. I didn't have a problem tapping. I enjoyed the camaraderie, workout, and the 2 tournaments I did.  BJJ was new and exciting! I would give advice to my "blue belt self". That advice would be to remain humble and continue to strengthen my fundamentals.  This and learn how to use the gi.

What motivates you to train on days when you just don’t feel like it?  When I do not feel it, the motivation is low generally due to the volume of training I do blended with normal stress of life and inadequate recovery.  This is where routine and my discipline takes charge. Also, my training partners need me. After completing a training session under these conditions, I feel satisfied.

If you could take a private lesson with any Jiu Jitsu practitioner who would it be? Why?  It would be with my coach Bruno "Tanque" Mendes. Bruno is an exemplary teacher who can teach techniques and games outside of his own game.  Training in his classes daily he has helped me refine some of my best positions and techniques. For a private lesson though, the topic would be half and deep half guard.

Who are your favorite competitors to watch?  Tanquinho, Marcus Antelante, Nicholas Meregali, Alexander Ribeiro.  There are many more because I am a fan of Jiu-Jitsu - a real nerd.

Who is your favorite TX competitor to watch? (outside of your current affiliation)  I really like to watch and study Lucas Valente (Gracie Barra). His guard is defensively responsible and submission-oriented.  At this year's Mundials we got to see some of his top game as well which showed he is complete on the ground. He's a good combination of traditional and modern Jiu-Jitsu with attitude.

What’s your perfect Jiu Jitsu playlist?  For training , I like most Alternative Rock/Metal from 1990s until present.  Music is energy. Before training I want a song that matches the vibe. I could be happy/playful, tranquil, melancholic, aggressive.  For competing, I like enough music to raise my vibrations then turn it off and be present.

What do you remember about your first day of Jiu Jitsu?  I texted with a friend on Myspace who was already training.  She told me to have some fun. I drove to a school in Port Neches, Texas and remember my 1st technique was opening the closed guard, making half guard  and passing tightly.

What do you remember about your first tournament?  It was the 2008 Machado Winter Wars. Rafael Lovato, Jr. had a super fight that I did not see - sadly.  Justin Rader was a brown belt and killed it. Both of those guys had won The Mundials in 2007 (Black and Purple respectively).  I had five matches that day and went 3 wins & 2 losses resulting I'm a silver medal.

What is your post-competition meal/restaurant?  After weeks of dieting well and making lightfeather, I like to go to In-N-Out.  I moved to Dallas on July 03, 2019; In-N-Out is growing on me. The Biscuit Bar in Plano is legit too!

When you’re not training, where can we most likely find you?  At home, especially on the weekend after the long week of teaching and training.  I try to take 1 day off (generally Sunday), but Jarrod Trotter teaches a wrestling class I like to attend.  Also, I like to relax at a movie theater, a night club, or a lounge with good company. 

2020 is quickly approaching, What changes did you make this year and what are your goals for the new year?  The biggest change for me was moving to Dallas, Texas and joining Soul Fighters BJJ Association. I have been friends with people on this team since 2013.  They welcomed me here and Bruno Mendes has positioned me to be successful with this team with a couple roles. Also, most importantly, there is room for growth as a teacher, athlete, and owner of a school in the future.

I am still an active in competition, so next year I want to win a major IBJJF tournament (4-star or 7-star), compete in F2W Pro outside of Texas.  I am 4-0 at F2W Pro, so after a couple or more Fights a shot at a Masters F2W Pro Title would be an awesome challenge. Next year I will put myself out their for workshops at schools.  I love sharing and learning Jiu-Jitsu.

Anything else exciting coming up?  I'll be competing November 16 at the 2019 Fulton Brew-Jitsu in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  My opponent is Kelly Johnson, a Minnesota native and accomplished Black belt in the Masters divisions.  Interestingly enough, he DM'd me the application and requested a super fight with me! That is old school respect.