My Timeline

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September 5, 2013- I started BJJ weighing a fluctuating 79 kilos (roughly 174-178 pounds)
December 2013- First Jiu Jitsu Vacation to Guam. Trained at Spike22, Figo and Purebred
Feb 2014- Trained in Madison, Wi with Alliance.
March 4th,2014- Got my first stripe
March 8th, 2014- Competed in my first tournament (Gold in Fatty Class and Bronze in Absolute)
April 27th, 2014- Got my second stripe
May 1st- weighed in at 69 kilos (152 pounds, and a new weight class).
June 22nd,2015-Got my third stripe.
August 19th,2015 - Got my 4th stripe!
January 17th, 2015- Got my Blue Belt
January 6th, 2018- Received my purple belt from professor Travis Tooke

March 10th, 2018- Won Pan Ams!

November 7th, 2020- Got my brown belt

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